Friday, July 19, 2013

Breaking the Spines Tag!

Most of these tags I will be pulling from some of my favorite YouTube videos! I'm obsessed with tags, so I thought I'd start sharing my opinion with all of you on my blog! Let's get started!

1. Do you break the spines? Or do you prefer to keep your books looking new?

I definitely prefer to keep my books looking new! I've never seen or heard of someone who just goes and breaks the spines on their books just for fun! I try my very best to make sure that my books look as if I just got them yesterday, when I've really had them for years. Over time, I know that can't help it if the spine breaks, but I'm not going to do it purposely. 

2. For those who don't like broken spines, have you ever accidentally broken one?

Sadly, yes. Once for school, I had to read Among the Hidden by Margaret Haddix. The book must've been very cheaply made (if there is such a thing) because I only picked up the book once before the spine cracked! Fortunately, I wasn't the only one in the classroom,who's spine had broken in the book!

3. If you are buying a used book, and the spine is broken, how do you feel about it? 

I've never bought a used book before, so I can't fully answer this question, but if I were, I probably wouldn't buy the book. If it was the last copy on the planet, probably. I just LOVE brand new books (or used books that look brand new)! :-D

4. Do you agree or disagree with the opinion some people have on broken spines meaning that a book is well loved?

This is an extremely hard question! I can imagine someone reading a book over and over again just because they love it, and the spine will eventually break, they just can't help it. However, I can also imagine someone not caring about their books, and bending and twisting it as they please. Mostly, I think that the book was well loved (unless it was cheaply made)

5. Because the spines on hardback books can't visibly break, do you prefer buying hardback books over paperback books? 

I've been going crazy with this lately! Whenever I'm buying a book online, I immediately want the hardback copy, since they're usually cheaper Books-a-million (and I have a membership!) Hardbacks always look nice on my shelf, and I love how they last longer, since they're more sturdier. However, whenever I go to the actual store to buy a book, everything changes. If I see a book that I wanted, but it's in paperback, I'll pick it up in a heartbeat, even though it's not hardback. I prefer hardbacks, but I also love paperbacks! Don't try to give me an e-book, though. NEVER will I ever buy an e-book!

Let me know what all of you guys think done below!! :-D I'm looking forward to see how you feel about Broken Spines!

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