Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Legend of the Seeker!

Okay, everyone, the Legend of the Seeker is my FAVORITE show as you will soon come to know. I've watched all episodes of every season MULTIPLE times. Literally. *Fangirl moment* AHHHHHHH! Okay, I'm done. Now back to business. 
If you don't know already, the Legend of the Seeker (LotS) has been cancelled and didn't come back for a 3rd season. I believe it was cancelled back in 2010...? Anyways, I came to tell you guys about, a website that is dedicated to bringing back popular TV shows that were cancelled. With the help of the Save Our Seeker campaign, we've exceeded our goal in getting enough votes! In fact, we actually went OVER the 15,000 votes!

"You are the first show to reach and surpass 
16,000 17000 votes! Way to go! We wanted to extend a special thank you to the leaders over at Save our Seeker – they have done an exemplary job organizing this campaign and keeping you informed. Thank you again Save our Seeker we look forward to continuing to work with you to keep seeker fans informed with any major events (that we can talk about)." 

"Our goal is to get a cable TV network interested in purchasing a 13-episode run of Legend of the Seeker." And as you can see, the voting is still open! The more votes we can get the better! 
SMGO is still working very hard to find a network willing to keep the Legend of the Seeker running.

So please, nag your friends and family and get them to vote! It'll be worth it :-)

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